5 Celebrities Who Struggled with their Love Addiction

Just like anything in life, moderation is the key. Too much of something could kill you, one way or another. Love is no exception. There is a large number of people struggling with this addiction. Celebrities aren’t protected from it either. They’re always in search of a chance to have lovemaking, whether inside or outside the relationship. Famous people addicted to love are in an undesirable position because they can get dates without trying. Every celebrity from the list could pick whoever they want to date, so finding partners isn’t a problem. But some of them probably appreciated the benefits online dating provides. Joining the local website for fuck tonight with many matchmaking filters makes satisfying their urge even simpler. Normal people don’t have trouble getting dates there; imagine how celebrities feel. It’s like cherry-picking for them. But they’re used to it. Maybe that’s why five big names from the list below could never get enough. 

Charlie Sheen

One of Hollywood’s bad boys, Charlie Sheen, struggles with sexual addiction. This actor, best known for the series Two and a half man and movie Hot Shots!, got caught up in a scandal with madam Heidi Fleiss. In a trial back in 1994, Sheen admitted paying Fleiss 53,000$ for her prostitutes. But, that didn’t stop him from filling covers of magazines worldwide with scandals connected to his private life. Charlie Sheen is famous for not resisting any gorgeous blonde, a beautiful brunette, redhead, or probably any hot girl. If he’s not careful, that could easily cost him his health. Back in 2015, Sheen revealed that he’s HIV positive.

David Duchovny

Older generations will forever remember Duchovny as spooky Fox Mulder from famous series X files. Fox is still an icon to millions worldwide. But younger folks will remember him as Hank Moody, a love-obsessed writer from the series Californication. In 2009 he acted kind of like Moody and entered rehab for erotic fascination. All that was too much for his marriage with actress Tea Leoni and they separated, but later they found the needed strength and got back together. Couples must work together on every problem and achieve recovery, including ones related to hypersexuality, so their relationship can be re-established. It takes effort and will to mend a broken relationship, but it’s possible if both sides want to reconcile. 

Michael Douglas

Timeless actor and director Michael Douglas is one of the first celebrities who admitted they’re struggling with addiction. Star of Basic Instincts, Wall Street, and A Perfect Murder was admitted to an addiction treatment center back in 1990 and stirred the world’s waters. He was the one who brought the concept of erotic fascination to the public eye. Who knows how many people decided to start their rehab after seeing a celebrity who struggles with the same problems. Later in life, Douglas denied having a same addiction. Some therapists argue over the existence and nature of , erotic fascination but a person needs to seek help if having these problems.

Nicole Narain 

This model is one of few celebrities who admitted having problems with sexual addiction. While being a guest on a TV show Sex-Rehab With Dr. Drew,  Narain sought help. She talked about her experience as a love addict, admitting that she chronically masturbates and engaging in countless group meetings. Solitary promiscuous behavior is one of the symptoms of sexual addiction, and 3 out of 4 people say they masturbate numerous times daily. One of the negative results of this kind of lifestyle for Narain was taping a candid tape with Colin Farell that leaked back in 2005. 

Jesse James

Famous TV host and motorcycle mechanic admitted struggling with hypersexuality when he cheated on one of America’s sweethearts and Oscar winner, Sandra Bullock. After finding out about James’ cheating, she filed for divorce. In an ABC News interview, Jesse James talked about the addiction and treatment he’s been receiving in rehab. He also talked about his therapy that revolves around his childhood physical and emotional abuse committed by his father. It’s not rare that addicts have experienced some childhood abuse. It’s thought that addicts are acting out in this type of destructive behavior to reinforce low self-esteem. 

It’s easy to turn things into vices. A person needs a lot of self-control and to have a strong mind. It’s not strange that many people are struggling with this type of addiction. If that’s common among small people, it’s not surprising that many celebrities suffer from it, too. They’re hanging out with numerous actors, models, different places, and destinations. It’s easy to believe they can get caught up with fame, money, and desire for hookup.