Celebrity Couples: Famous Lovers Who Openly Declare Their Romances

Celebrities are not like the rest of us, but they do share similarities once in a while. When it comes to love, it seems as though some celebrity couples are simply blown together by chance, and they end up dating and getting married. So, how do the couples that are open about their romance get in touch with each other? Let’s take a quick look at how celebs make love happen; you might find out that you’ve been going about seeking love the wrong way!

How Do Celebrities Meet?

Celebrities have many avenues to meet new people. Since they have money and power, many of them simply find other famous people by going to the same events. Rubbing elbows with famous, attractive people creates a powder keg for love, resulting in unusual couples forming. Celebrities are also famous for meeting people on movie sets, falling in love, and ending up forming strong relationships. Those relationships tend to be passionate trysts, but some of them go the distance. Lastly, we have to remember that celebrities tend to be busy, just like the rest of the adults in the world. They cannot always go out, meet people, and seek love—just like most regular people! For that reason, more and more celebrities are starting to seek love in new places, including platforms for online dating. Dating websites have kickstarted several celebrity relationships, including a few high-profile ones. The best thing is that anyone can use dating sites to find whatever sort of relationship they desire. One-time dates, short-term connections, wait and see, and long-term love can all start by using an online dating service! Celebs love using dating services to take advantage of their anonymity, ability to be used anywhere, and the chance to find specifically what they’re looking for in a match. Now that you know how celebs find dates, let’s check out a few of the ways that famous couples have matched.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

The rumor has it that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas met online and started a relationship that ended up becoming a marriage. Although it may have been an Instagram connection and not a dating site, their romance proves that famous people have managed to leverage the power of the internet to get dates. The couple has been together for several years, and they now have a child together. The former singer and actress have created a happy, satisfying relationship that would not have happened without taking a new approach to romance.

Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch

Comedienne Amy Schumer started using dating apps in the pursuit of love sometime in 2016. One of her first matches was Ben Hanisch. The two shared a short but vivid relationship that ended in 2017. Schumer has since married and is working on her new comedy material and balancing the needs of motherhood with her new husband. Although her online relationship ultimately failed, it’s just one example of how celebs can use dating sites to meet romantic partners.

Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo

Another way that celebrities meet up with each other is through mutual friends. That is the case with Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo. The two had mutual friends who decided to set them up on a date, which became a long-term, powerful relationship. Thorne and Mascolo were engaged in 2021, and they seem poised to have a marriage on the horizon. Knowing the right people can lead to love both as a celebrity and a regular person.

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie

The two Game of Thrones alums fell in love while they were shooting the aforementioned show. Granted, they had some steamy scenes and spent enough time together that it would be hard for them not to gain some feelings for each other. The two were together, broke up for a little bit, and then got back together for good. Today, Harrington and Leslie are happily married and have recently had a son join their family as a new addition. It’s possible but still somewhat rare for a couple to meet on a show or movie set and stay together for a significant amount of time. Typically, actors will start to mimic the feelings they are expressing on the show, but that wears off over time. Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie have defied the odds and found true happiness with one another.

Although celebrities have many unique ways to experience the world due to their money and fame, the truth is they find love much like the rest of us. Based on the newest trends, it seems that more celebs are fine with meeting someone online and developing a relationship online! Should we follow suit?