Celebs Who Flirted on Social Media and Dating Sites

Celebrities are an interesting bunch when it comes to romance. They are usually spotted finding love in new and unusual ways, increasing the desire for other people to try the same methods to start a relationship. Social media and dating services are two common places where celebrities have successfully met romantic partners, and we’re going to examine a few of the most interesting connections they have formed on such sites.

Tom Holland and Zendaya

The two Spiderman: Homecoming stars, Tom Holland and Zendaya, were found having some flirty fun on social media. Zendaya mentioned that she had been breaking hearts since she was born, and Holland was quick to chime in that he had not had that sort of luck. The two had a cute back and forth, with Holland ultimately getting the better of his co-star by reminding her that he could either help or hinder her from getting a spot in the newest film! Although the two were just flirting online then, it turns out that they were actually dating or close to dating when this interaction happened!

Matthew Perry

The Friends star has been spotted using online dating sites many times in the past, and he is a mainstay in the world of online dating. It seems he never found his Monica, so he continues to use dating services as a way to try meeting new people. Using a dating site as a method to meet new partners is simple. According to a Flirt.com review, signing up for and making a profile on a dating service only requires a few minutes, along with a few steps to get started having fun with other people. Once you have filled out your profile and told the site about the sort of people that you want to meet, it’s a small matter of using the site’s search feature to determine what kind of man or woman you wish to look for. Online dating has caught on in the world of celebrity romances, and the ease of using the sites is a major reason for their continued success.


The famous singer and flutist, Lizzo has been spotted using several dating websites in the past. She has specifically said that she uses dating sites to find short-term dates to meet and mingle with people while she is traveling around the world.

Ben Affleck

Another superstar that has been spotted using dating sites in the past is Ben Affleck. He has been meeting women for several years before getting back together with Jennifer Lopez, and it hasn’t always been successful. Affleck was rejected by someone on a popular dating site because the person that matched with him didn’t believe it was him. Perhaps this was all for the best since it left him open to rekindling an old flame!

Henry Cavil and Demi Lovato

The modern Superman was caught flirting with Demi Lovato as the two started following each other on social media and liking very saucy pictures of each other. Their fans were quick to point out the fact that the two were setting “thirst traps” for each other, and it seems that it worked. Nothing came of it, though.

Adam Rippon

Olympian Adam Rippon has been very open about his dating woes in the last few years. As someone in the spotlight, he had his fair share of romantic interactions that did not go well because of the fame attached to his name. Still, Adam Rippon has utilized the relative anonymity of online dating apps and services to find partners.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber

Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey, have flirted on social media for as long as they have been together. They like to complimenteach other’s physique and talk about how much they love one another. No matter how you look at their marriage, they are “relationship goals” because of how easily they keep their relationship fun and young.

Kiernan Shipka

The former child star has been a hot commodity in the revival of the Sabrina character, but she has not been fortunate in love. Since everyone knows who she is, Shipka has made it a point to exclusively seek romantic partners using online dating sites. She has praised this method of finding love quite loudly and often.

Flirting and seeking love online is something that regular people and celebrities can both do. While your success rate might not be as substantial as Ben Affleck’s, just about everyone that puts in some effort can ensure they secure a romantic partner. Making use of dating services that work for the sort of dates you desire will lead you down a path that will likely end with you getting multiple matches. Once you have a partner, you can flirt with them on their social media as celebs do. That way, the relationship stays fresh even though you probably won’t make the front page of a tabloid by doing so!