Top 10 Girls That Footballers Hooked Up With

Famous football players are humans, too. Some of them can’t resist when they see a pretty girl. Thanks to fame, money, and looks, they usually don’t have to resist anything. Most girls would do anything to spend a night with a famous footballer. Today we’ll show you 10 very lucky and very attractive girls who managed to get a hookup with a football player.

Kim Kardashian

You didn’t expect to find that name here. Well, footballers usually hook up with famous girls. They meet each other easily because they hang out at their elite events. One of those events connected Kim Kardashian, the most famous girl, Cristiano Ronaldo, the most famous footballer.

In 2010, Kim and Cristiano supposedly spent some time together having fun the old-fashioned way. We don’t understand how their affair maybe somehow forgotten. Nobody speaks about it anymore. Probably because Ronaldo hooked up with too many girls to count, some say the number is higher than 80,000.

Luciana Salazar

If there is Cristiano Ronaldo somewhere, Messi isn’t far away. Cristiano is famous for his affairs, but Messi had a lot of fun in the past too. In the same year, when Ronaldo hooked up with Kim Kardashian, Messi hooked up with Luciana Salazar. Luciana is a heavenly-hot model from Argentina. A man who’d pass up an opportunity to hook up tonight with Luciana doesn’t exist. She’s probably responsible for many heart attacks in South America.

Carol Abranches

People in South America are very passionate. And they look very good. Neymar is famous for having huge parties and vacations. On one of those vacations, he met Carol Abranches. A Brazilian dancer and model whose curves stole Neymar’s attention. They have spent some time together in an open relationship. At least that’s what Carol said to the media after the couple was caught together on a yacht back in 2011.

That’s not Carol’s only hook-up with a famous man. In her own words, she was hooking up with a couple of men while she was with Neymar. And that’s just a couple of months;imagine her score if she’s been that active ever since.

Paris Hilton

When that many girls pass through one’s bed, one should expect to have more than one entry on the list of famous footballers who hooked up with attractive girls. Of course, we’re talking about Christiano Ronaldo again. The year is 2009. He just moved from Manchester to Madrid. His success on and off the field was amazing, but he cared more about consistency on the field. Paris Hilton, who Ronaldo dated shortly at the time, was just entertainment for him. We have a feeling Paris didn’t fall in love with Cristiano either because she has had many relationships since.


Another mega-star on our list, another gorgeous girl who visits the dreams of many men around the world. However, she visited the bedroom of one French football star back in 2015. Karim Benzema hooked up with Rihanna after she reached out to him in 2014. The affair was short, but we’re sure the memories will last forever.

Elisabeth Reyes

Not so famous casual relationship happened between Elisabeth Reyes and Sergio Ramos in 2006. Former Miss Spain attracted Ramos with her stunning looks, after which they spent some short time together. That was a long time ago;both Elisabeth and Sergio had many hookups since and are happily married now.

Rebecca Loos

Every other girl on the list was famous before hooking up with football stars. Rebecca did the opposite. She hooked up with a football player and became famous after. At his time, David Beckham was the hottest thing at the market. Although David claimed nothing is going on between him and Rebecca, she was very vocal about their affair when David moved to Madrid. Guess we’ll never know the truth.

Cristiana Sinagra

Cristiana Sinagra is a girl not many people know, but one of the best footballers of all time did know her. Maradona had a hookup with Cristiana and probably forgot a poor girl exists. She got a son as a reminder of the hookup with Maradona. The story got a happy ending in 2007 when Diego recognized Sinagra as his son. 

Carolina Dantas

Carolina was more than a hookup to Neymar. They were in a relationship for some time, but it was never serious, so she made it to our list. Not even pregnancy could secure Carolina’s position as Neymar’s long-term girlfriend, but she gave birth to David in 2011. Neymar sometimes mentions Carolina, always with respect.

Andressa Urach

Andressa isn’t the favorite girl to many Real Madrid fans. She famously slept with Cristiano Ronaldo just before the game with Borussia in the Champions League semi-finals. Ronaldo usually has great stamina, but Andressa knows some secret techniques that cost Madrid a final year.

Some footballers are more naughty than the rest. When you look at how hot the ladies are on the list above, it’s not surprising. Not many men would say no to any of them. Whichoneisyourfavorite?